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Our attorneys practice divorce and family law exclusively and provide comprehensive divorce and family law services throughout the Chicago area and surrounding suburbs. Not only does the firm strive to provide clients with the aggressive representation that is often needed in a highly contested divorce case, but we also take pride in providing all of our clients with personalized and prompt attention to their case. When possible, we will always try to reach a favorable agreement without putting you through the stress and expense of a court proceeding. However, if it becomes necessary to place a case in the hands of a judge, we will aggressively pursue the outcome that you are seeking with a thoroughly prepared case to present to the Court. Remember, you only have one shot at your divorce case. If you get it wrong, the consequences can negatively impact you and your children’s lives forever.

The attorneys at Hurst, Robin & Kay, LLC have a broad range of experience in family law. Choose an attorney to see more about his or her unique experience.



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