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Child Custody

At HRK we understand that children are perhaps the most important consideration in any family law case. The attorneys at HRK are cognizant of and always take into consideration the negative impact that a divorce can have on children. In determining child custody cases in Illinois, the courts employ the “best interests” of the children standard. What is in the “best interests” of your child? And who can possibly understand that better, the parents or the court? When you and your child’s other parent are able to come to a mutual agreement, we believe that is the best result for your child and always seek to accomplish that goal whenever possible.

Our attorneys understand that child custody cases are often highly emotional and can be profoundly consequential to the lives of both our client and more importantly their children. At HRK we work with our clients to assist them in understanding the strengths and weaknesses of their particular case so that they are in a position to make decisions in the best interests of their family.

While our initial focus is on helping clients work with their spouse in a collaborative fashion to reach an agreement on custody and visitation issues, we also recognize that this is not possible in all cases. Making sure that your children maintain strong bonds with both parents, even though the family has been divided, is important and often in the best interests of the children – even when one spouse strongly opposes this. At HRK we never lose sight of what it means to protect the best interests of the children in our divorce practice. Our attorneys are experienced in child custody trials and working closely with mental health experts and attorneys appointed by the court on behalf of children. If you are considering filing for divorce, seeking custody of your child, or in need of modification of an existing parenting plan or agreement, non-parental custody action, paternity case, or other family law matter involving the custody or visitation of your children, contact HRK for a consultation.

Modifications to Existing Child Custody

It’s only natural for peoples’ lives to change after a divorce. Whether you were awarded custody of your children or are interested in obtaining it, identifying the legal options available to you is essential. HRK Family Law provides clients with the legal knowledge and guidance necessary to initiate a child custody modification proceeding.

Non-Parental Custody

When neither the mother nor father of a child is able to care for that child, sometimes another relative will step in to make sure the child has the home and support needed. If you are considering non-parent custody for a child, consult HRK Family Law for up to date information on the rapidly changing topic.

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