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Civil Unions

With the long overdue passing of the Illinois Religious Freedom Protection and Civil Union Act on June 2, 2011 same sex couples were finally granted many of the same legal benefits and privileges offered though marriage which include the following: 1) The right to make health care and funeral decisions on behalf of a partner in the event of incapacity; 2) Hospital visitation rights; 3) Spousal coverage under employer-based health insurance plans; 4) Inheritance rights and equal estate tax treatments; 5) Equal application of state and local taxes. As these laws are relatively new, much confusion exists as to their application.

As with a marriage, there may come a time when parties desire to dissolve their civil union. Additionally, many same sex couples are also interested in protection of their rights before entering into a civil union.

At HRK, our skilled attorneys can help you protect your rights. Please contact us to arrange a consultation so that we can address your objectives and goals.

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