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High Net Worth Divorce

Divorce cases can be complicated by a multitude of variables. However, this is even more pronounced and evident in high net worth divorce case. High net worth divorce cases should not be entrusted to attorneys without the requisite skill, knowledge, and legal experience to properly protect your interests. The attorney that you select in such a case may potentially mean the difference of millions of dollars. In high net worth divorce cases, considerable experience is necessary to evaluate business interests, financial holdings such as investments in private equity funds or hedge funds, as well as the complex tax implication associated with such property. At HRK, we understand that success for our clients in centered on developing a well thought out strategy. In many instances, high net worth divorce trials are determined by a battle of competing experts. We work closely with forensic experts from other professional fields to assist our clients not only in the valuation of assets and analysis of tax issues but rebutting the experts hired by their spouse.  At HRK, our attorneys have the required skills, legal knowledge and experience to obtain a favor result in a high stakes divorce case. We are confident that we can help you arrive at a high-asset divorce award that will help you move forward into the next phase of your life on a strong footing.

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