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The True Cost of Divorce - Part 1

One of the more common questions we receive upon an initial consultation of a divorce case is, "So what's this divorce going to cost me?" Of course, there's no easy answer to that question at first. Often, it can be dictated by the position that the other party is going to take. However, on the positive side, there are approaches we can explore that may streamline the process if both parties want to act in a cooperative and reasonable manner to bring the case to an end.


What are your true objectives?

The objective of each spouse can be so crucial to influencing the timeline and expense of a divorce. If both parties have the objective of ending the case amicably, the case may be able to be resolved without exorbitant expenses. If at least one of the parties has the objective of causing their spouse much grief and aggravation throughout the process, the fee could become much more unpredictable.

What's practical from a financial standpoint?

When the decision to divorce is still fresh, there could be a lot of psychological and emotional hurdles to overcome before a spouse may want to agree to anything. A husband or wife will often have an extremely high level of anger directed at their spouse.

Yet, anger can become an expensive proposition.

Financial realities are such that a prolonged legal battle could raise serious questions, such as "Is it worth it to drag this out?" Destruction of the spouse may be top of mind at first, but in many cases, there comes a point in which the spouse begins to realize that they have a financial limitation at hand to consider. Rational thinking starts to prevail as the spouse circles back around to their most important objectives and what they're truly aiming to accomplish.

Doing your pre-divorce "homework."

There's also much to be said about the level of intelligence one might have on their spouse's finances. It's quite telling how much money people could potentially save by the time they hire a divorce lawyer if they have a firm grasp of the household's expenses and assets. It could be more problematic if you're apt to say, "I have no idea what our financial situation is because my spouse has been handling all of our finances for the last 20 years."

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