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Retirement and pensions subject to split in Illinois divorces

You and your spouse decide to divorce, but you worry about how a judge will split your assets. Even before you married your spouse, you began a career that established a successful future pension plan. Now that you and your spouse wish to separate, you are concerned about the division of the pension agreement.

It's illegal to leave Illinois with your child after a divorce

Your divorce has finally been finalized. A difficult, emotional chapter of your life has just ended, and a new future is waiting for you and your child. Be careful when making plans, though. Unless you've been awarded sole legal and physical custody, there is a good chance that moving out of Illinois with your child is currently illegal.

The pros and cons of sole custody

Parents in Illinois and elsewhere may ask for sole physical custody of their children after a divorce. This means that the child will live with one parent more than half of the time. One of the benefits of this arrangement is that it minimizes the potential interruption to a child's life. As a general rule, the child gets to stay close to friends and remain in the same school.

Planning for educational expenses in the divorce

People in Chicago who are thinking about divorce may focus on the financial aspects of the separation, especially once the emotional and practical issues are resolved. This can be particularly critical when children are involved. While divorcing parents may think extensively about how to manage child custody and set up a parenting plan, it is equally important to develop a schedule for how the children's educational expenses will be handled in the future. The divorce process can give both parents the opportunity to decide their responsibilities and memorialize them in the resulting decree.

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